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Together, Juliet & Aaron combine 30 years of experience in graphics & technology to offer you an array of services to help your business/brand be exactly what you’ve dreamt it to be.

If you can imagine it, Juliet can create it. Using the latest techniques in design and tapping into the ever-changing trends of the digital marketing world, Juliet creates visually stunning pieces that will make your business and brand stand out from the norm.

  • Logo Design
  • Business Collateral | Cards – Letterhead – Mailers
  • Marketing Materials | Post Cards | Brochures | Bookmarks | Door hangers |Stickers
  • Invitations
  • Keynote Presentations
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Books
  • Displays
  • Packaging
  • Book Covers
  • Advertisements
  • Newsletters

You have an amazing idea and you want to share it with the world. You have already been testing the waters of social media and it’s time to take your brand, your idea, to the next step, a website. Together Juliet and Aaron can design stunning, cookie-cutter sites that will make you proud to tell people, “Check out my site for more information”.

You have a few options:

  • WordPress: Fully designed, managed and hosted on our own dedicated servers on GoDaddy with personal IT Support by Aaron and his TEkinaka team.
  • Third Party Site Design: We have expanded our design services to meet the financial needs of start-ups by offering to design templated based sites like Weebly and Squarespace.

While there are inexpensive hosting companies available to choose from, in the end you typically get what you pay for. Shady up-sell tactics, long hold times waiting for customer service, impersonal responses via email or chat, and tech support that tries to rush you off the phone. You can avoid all of this and let us handle it for you.

  • Site Monitoring – Chances are you probably don’t visit your website daily. We keep an eye on things so that you don’t have to. Rest assured that someone has your back when it comes to keeping your website online.
  • Backups – Most hosting companies charge for backing up your data, and don’t even check to see if your backups are even working. We take care of this for you. Our retention policy has you covered for most situations and can be customized even further if you have special requirements.
  • Personal Support – We are real people that can help. Email, call, even text us and we’ll respond. Let us deal with the website side of things so that you can focus on more critical tasks involved in running your business.
  • Technical and Creative Services – We are able to turn around update / edit projects quickly by having a dedicated graphic artist and IT engineer ready for you.
  • We Know Your Website Neighbors – With our hosting you can be certain that you are not sharing IP space on the Internet with any other illegitimate or questionable websites.
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The Social Realm

Every business and brand has a personality, a unique voice, that branches out from the normal marketing mumbo-jumbo. Social Media is where your brand comes to life through personal and engaging content.

Juliet has worked with companies big and small. Companies with unlimited budgets to business who rely on organic reach. The truth is, the social world is changing and does so every day. The minute you think you’ve got a handle on it, the algorithms change. But what shouldn’t change is your voice, your brand, or your mission.

If you are not online (where your potential customers, clients, and patients are) then you are missing out. Perhaps you are not going to get the likes, comments, and even overall engagement we all once did when the social world was free… but when the power of “word of mouth” sends someone to check you out, you better have a current, relevant, and eye-catching content that shows the true side of your business.

This is where Juliet and her graphic and creative skills can help.

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It’s All in the Design

You have put a lot of enegry in bringing to life your vision.
Don’t let poorly designed collateral stop your brand from reaching it’s true potential.

Do you want to know what makes our heart hurt? When we see the potential for greatness ruined by a Microsoft Word designed flyer … ahhhhhh. We know, we know … That’s all you had. We get it, but we are here now to make sure that your flyers, business cards, posters, menus and so much more never have to be designed in Word or Paint again.

We can’t stress it enough. If you don’t invest in the look and feel of your brand, then how do you expect your potential clients and customers to invest in you. We are naturally driven to shiny, bright and sparkly. No matter the field you are in … Yoga | Medical | Beekeeping | Real Estate … Your collateral should be something that gets people to look up from their phone and engage their curiosity.

This is where Juliet can help!


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